Toolkit for Assessing the Unrecorded Alcohol Market

Welcome to the iard toolkit for assessing the unrecorded alcohol market

The alcohol market can be divided into two main segments―recorded and unrecorded. Both segments are well established in many parts of the world and respond to social, cultural, economic, and political change. They also play a role in a range of key social and health issues.

The recorded alcohol market segment includes legally produced and traded beverages that are reflected in official statistics and are subject to regulation. Most commercially and legally traded branded beverages are recorded.

The unrecorded alcohol market segment, by definition, is not reflected in official statistics and is not subject to the same regulations as the recorded market. This includes cross-border trade, informal alcohol, illegal alcohol, and surrogate alcohol.

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This Toolkit has Three Key Aims: 

  1. to serve as a resource for those interested in gaining a better understanding of the issue of unrecorded alcohol;
  2. to provide a menu of approaches that can be used to investigate the unrecorded alcohol market, depending on the research question, context, and existing data and resources available; and
  3. to provide a road map for achieving, to the greatest extent possible, consistency and uniformity across studies so that results can be compared in a sound manner.


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